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Corrective Maneuver 2017: News for Real Estate

Corrective Maneuver 2017: News for Real Estate

With the vote of confidence in the House, the financial corrective action to be converted by 23 June 2017 is coming to the end of the bill. Here are all the novelties that affect the real estate sector.
Corrective Maneuver 2017 deductions
The discipline on the sale of the deductions due to interventions to increase energy efficiency in condoms is amended. In particular, until December 31, 2021, it is possible for persons in the no tax area (retirees, employees and self-employed persons) to surrender the tax deduction they pay to suppliers who have carried out condominium work to increase efficiency energy. It is also expected that the deduction may also be transferred to other private entities (including lenders and financial intermediaries). The transfer is permitted provided that the conditions of non-compliance exist in the year prior to the one in which the expenses are incurred. The transferors are entitled to a tax credit equal to the deduction sold, which can be used in ten annual installments of equal amount. Tax credit can only be used for compensation.
Corrective action for seizures
With the change introduced, the Tax Authority may dispose of a property other than the first dwelling if the debtor has a total property of a minimum value of 120 thousand euros.
Stabilization of mediation
End of the trial of mediation on condominium, real rights, division, hereditary succession, family affairs, lease, rent, rental of companies, compensation for medical and health damages and defamation by means of press or other means advertising as well as insurance, banking and financial contracts. Since 2018 the Ministry of Justice has been obliged to report annually to the Chambers on the results of compulsory mediation.
Tax deduction for seismic adjustment 2017
I will regulate the relative deductions if the seismic reduction measures are carried out in the municipalities included in the seismic areas 1 under O.P.C.M. 3519/06, by demolition and reconstruction of entire buildings, even with a volumetric change compared to the existing building, where permitted by the urban planning rules, by construction or real estate restructuring firms that provide for the subsequent alienation of the property, within eighteen months from the date of termination of the works. are subject to the deductions provided for in the case of reduction of seismic risk which leads to a lower risk class, respectively 75% and 85% of the price of the single real estate unit, and, in any case, up to 96,000 euros per single unit real estate. Beneficiaries may opt for the sale of the credit to the same undertakings that carried out the operations or to other private parties, with the option of subsequent transfer of the credit, with the exception of the sale to credit institutions and financial intermediaries. Paragraphs 2 to 4 have financial provisions concerning the financial coverage of that provision.
Voucher condominium works
A new discipline of casual work performance is introduced. Occasional jobs may be used by natural persons or other users. As far as physical persons are concerned, not in the pursuit of professional or business activities, they can occasionally use the Family Booklet, that is, a pre-paid, pre-funded call book, available at INPS or post offices, and usable for the payment of occasional benefits made in the context of: (a) small domestic work - including gardening, cleaning or maintenance work; b) Home care for children and elderly people, ill or with disabilities.
Correction Maneuver 2017 short rentals
From June 1, the special tax will enter into force, with the payment of the 21% coupon payment for all short rentals of less than 30 days, made by natural persons directly or through real estate brokers, including through management of online portals. The new tax will replace that of the Irpef and the register that the renter is called to pay at the end of the year with the tax return.